Avoid a big mistake by listing on THIS day of the week

Choosing the Best Day of the Week to List a Home

Who doesn’t have an opinion about the best day of the week to list a home? And when it comes to listing a home for sale, sellers don’t want to leave anything to chance, including what day they list their home.  Whether you’re planning on downsizing or want to move into a Mountainside retreat, there are a lot of things to think about when you’re selling your home.

Buyers typically start making their  house-hunting plans late in the work week. So what does that mean for a seller? You want your home to be one of the fresh listings buyers see pop up so as they are deciding which homes they should see over the weekend, yours makes “the list”.

Denver is a competitive market, many homes are listed on Thursday with the expectation that buyers are going to call up their Realtor and ensure this home is on the list of homes to see.

Yes, it’s a seller’s market, but not all homes sell quickly, especially if they’re not priced right and if the timing isn’t right.

Sellers can’t afford to be overly confident or sloppy with details in a market that favors them. The last thing you need is to try to get your home sold by using the 3 P’s . What are the 3 P’s your ask? Well that’s Place a sign in the yard, Put the home on the MLS, and Pray that it sells. A well-honed and executed listing strategy is critical in maximizing a home’s price and minimizing the time on the market.





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